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Dam Koto - দাম কত is an alternative sales channel for small and medium business owners. Besides other regular business channels, "Dam Koto - দাম কত" will bring more potential customer traffic to your business. Apparently which might end up in a successful sale. Moreover, your products will be compared to other similar products from various Facebook commerce pages/online shops and that will provide you a competitive edge over your competitors. "Dam Koto - দাম কত" brings a new dimension in online business!


Why people choose "Dam Koto - দাম কত" for their online business

  • Alternative Sales Channel

    Get more potential customer traffic coming to your shop/page. Get more exposure,Get more business. Stand out from the crowd.

  • Reach More Customer

    In this era of smartphone, why your business will stay behind. Reach more customer through Dam Koto - দাম কত platform and increase your sales

  • Free Forever

    YES, it is. All the features and services you're getting for free. Literally forever.

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Frequently Asked Question

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Ans. "Dam Koto - দাম কত" is a Facebook Commerce Maestro that knows your need! It is a bridge between popular facebook pages and end customers. Dam Koto - দাম কত comes in two separate platforms: Web & Android.
Ans. "Dam Koto - দাম কত" generates products from various popular Facebook pages / online shops and illustrates it in a single platform. Dam Koto - দাম কত links the potential customer to the product owners..
Ans. You can order your desired product through clicking Contact Now button. It will take you to a conversation with respective seller via facebook messenger/website or prefered contact system of respective shops. Please NOTE that,"Dam Koto - দাম কত" is neither responsible for the product price & quality nor for any product delivery term. Moreover, "Dam Koto - দাম কত" will not be responsible for any type of damage during product delivery or any mismatch or inconsistency in products.
Ans. Buyers and sellers of niche products can find it difficult to locate each other in the physical world. Among the numerous Facebook commerce pages, for customers it's often hard to find the right product by ensuring customizable requirement. That is why "Dam Koto - দাম কত" is here to mitigate those obstacles and let you to find your desired product just by a tap of your fingertips.